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WELCOME TO JAZZLAND...... Where the Great Musicians Play!
Jacksonville's " ONLY " Live Jazz Club 
  Where You Will Get Exciting "Live Jazz Performances"   Every Saturday Night  !    
  "FREE" Jazz Jam Sessions! Every Tuesday Night - 7 til 10pm
JAZZLAND is Live Jazz at its finest! Now close enough to touch. You’ll see astonishing musicians of this original art form …smile, sweat and grimace, in pursuit of that killing phrase. JAZZLAND is everything a jazz club should be. Dim, Intimate, Exciting and with Great Acoustics. Saturday's offer a wide variety of styles and musicians and all are Top Notch! If you're in Jacksonville and you want to experience live jazz, played exceptionally well, in a great jazz venue, then duck into our sensational Jazz Room. Don’t mind coming alone. JAZZLAND is a super way to meet new and old friends and a cool way to spend an evening! A happy, friendly crowd is always waiting to welcome you to JAZZLAND...where the great musicians play!




Jacksonville's Live Jazz Experience 



"Noteworthy" A 6pc Jazz Band - Sat. March 25th  










NOTEWORTHY - Sat. March 25th - 8pm


More power by the hour as Cam Moten, NOTEWORTHY’S dazzling young trumpet player …spins the crown in delicious jazz circles! This guy’s going places where few have gone.  


Up jumps Bill, the soulful sax man, taunting the cheering crowd with superb, sensual growls and moans as Nathan bounced …holding it up and slapping to perfection on Bass. 


 Jay Brown, Founder and outstanding Drummer ...has lightning speed and meticulous timing that prompts you into cool reminisence of the glorious days of Jazz. A deeply moving, superbly seasoned band that make your memories tremble. That's what in store for you when Noteworthy performs.

Saturday. March. 25th 

1324 University Blvd. - 904 240-1009

$10 Cover - 2 Drink Minimum





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Duke - Billy & Sarah

1324 University Boulevard North - Telephone: (904) 240-1009  email: info@jazzlandcafe.com 

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Tony combines poetry and jazz improvisation in ensembles at colleges and jazz festivals throughout Northern Vermont and the Eastern Townships of Quebec. At 16, was praised by Nat Hentoff in Downbeat Magazine’s for his "lusty, inventive" trombone style.


Tony also received the prestigious Great South Bay Jazz Festival Award. Tony performed in Jazz groups in the New York area, in Europe and played in Salsa groups in Cuba, Ecuador, and Argentina.


Over the past two decades his writing has appeared in over a hundred prominent literary magazines. He is a performing jazz trombonist and leads the poetry-jazz ensemble PoJazz. Appearing with Tony Whedon is Joe Watts on Piano and Phil Morrison On Bass.



1324 University Blvd. N.

(904) 240-1009

$10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 





The Raul Rivera Trio -   Live From New York..... Saturday, Dec. 3rd - 8PM

By 1930, New York became the center of the Jazz world and that hasn’t changed. New York still sits on top of the heap. Saxophonist, Raul Rivera comes to Jazzland from Manhattan and plays with musicians who both frighten and inspire him on a regular basis.


He’s in that rare community of quality jazz musicians, who love and honor their music. Come spend the evening with soulful New York Jazz. Featuring …Tony Fydick on Drums and Thomas Milovac on Bass. Join us this Saturday, ...You’ll love it!


Jazzland - 1324 University Blvd. N.

$10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum

904 240-1009 


CATCH THE GROOVE - Saturday September 10TH - 8PM
One Of The Best Bands In Florida!!   Our Patrons Love Them!!
Citizens of Jazzland....
Put On Your Dancing Shoes 
  Dust Off Your Special Memories       
   We Revive The Music and Memories You Know     
  That Good Rocking  Band You Love!    

 Saturday September 10th

8pm 'til Midnight
 $10. Cover
 2 Drink Minimum 


Everywhere you go, you hear the word "cool." In conversations, text messages or marketing pitches. That’s Lester Young’s transformation of the word! His use of the term "bread" to refer to money or "crib" as one’s home, Lester was the first to use the verb "dig" to describe understanding. Do you dig? He called Count Basie ‘homeboy’ 90 years ago!


He achieved the smallest dose of fame during his lifetime. Fans recognize his boss Count Basie or his frequent collaborator Billie Holiday. But Lester Young changed the language and has never gotten the credit for it.


The term "crossover" didn’t exist back in his day, but in many ways he pioneered the concept. Lester created a relaxed phrasing, melodic gift, and lucent tone that seemed to fit perfectly into every musical setting. A style and aesthetic vision perfectly adapted for assimilation by other music genres. The Saxophone is not standard in a symphony orchestra, but when it does show up at the classical concert hall, the tone usually comes straight out of the Lester Young playbook. But you will never see his name mentioned in the program notes.


So on Saturday Aug. 27th, we’ll give Lester Young his due. You’ll hear the words and phrases he created along with some exciting saxophone jazz. Lester never made much bread—certainly as not as much as his homeboys—or lived in a cool crib. But he had more impact on American society than any other jazz musician. Almost no one knows his name, but we are still listening to and quoting Lester Young. You dig?

JAZZLAND - 1324 University Blvd. N. 904 240-1009

$10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 


Sensational Live Jazz Performance! Sat. Aug. 13th - 8pm

Barry Kelsey toured the world playing jazz as a US Navy Musician. Michael Gabriel turned down an offer with the Woody Herman band, opting instead to an academic career of research and teaching of Experimental Psychology and Neuroscience. It can justifiably be said that Kelsey and Gabriel are masters of the intricate melodic lines and breakneck tempos of bebop classics like "Hot House", "Anthropology", "Confirmation", songs penned by the likes of Charles "Bird" Parker, Dizzy Gillespe, Tad Dameron, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins and more! BeBop! The revolutionary music and movement of the 1940s seemed destined for a short life but continues and is nothing less than "the lingua franca of jazz. The principal style and language of thousands of jazz musicians and a jazz-lover's dream.


Kelsey studied at Berklee School of Music and North Texas State, recorded with MGM records for years as a free lance studio musician and now leads the E-Z Street Band, and performs on tenor sax, piano and vocals in other bands in St Augustine. In an ever-widening circle of outstanding musicians Michael performed in Wisconsin, California, Texas and Illinois where he co-founded the Boneyard Jazz Quintet with trombonist Morgan Powell. Others from his circle went on to become jazz icons, including Randy Brecker, Larry McKenna and Lew Tabackin.


Join us as we celebrate Michael Gabriel and Barry Kelsey with a serious yet highly personal performance of America's classical and most distinctive music.

JAZZLAND -1324 University Blvd. N. $10 Cover - 2 Drink Min.


Bob Fraioli & Scott Mariash -
Saturday July 30th - 8pm 'til Midnight 


Bob Fraioli provide an opportunity for lovers of jazz to listen to a level of innovative music seldom found beyond the music centers of the West Coast, Chicago and New York City. Bob Fraioli is now captivating a growing audience of jazz enthusiasts in Florida. He presents his unique interpretations of the classic works of the jazz masters of the past and present, including Ahmad Jamal, Bill Evans, and Thelonius Monk. His influences being Oscar Peterson, and Bill Evans, you won’t have to listen very long, before that is evident. Most notably ...Oscar!


Just to demonstrate the reach of this outstanding Jazz Pianist.... here’s what Barry Gordon of Los Angeles, CA has to say about Bob Fraioli:

"Bob Fraioli, I am so happy to here this. As a pro pianist that has heard met and been friends with many all time great pianists, and as a top stride pianist myself, I can say without a doubt, Bob Fraioli is the greatest all around jazz pianist I've ever heard. First he has two right hands, a great left hand, great ears, and one of the greatest piano techniques ever. I can’t say enough about this master pianist." 


Bob Fraioli, comes to us from Los Angeles. He has performed from Southeast Asia to New York and Los Angeles. The list of quartets he has played in or formed is astounding and has been going on since he was 14, participating on the Ted Mack Amateur hour! In the Army, he wrote his own jazz television show weekly in the U.S. and served in Viet Nam as one of the dedicated pianists. Since then he has appeared all over the United States, wowing jazz Lovers with his style and technique. 

 Jazzland 1324 University Blvd. N. 904 240-1009

$10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum  



CAROLE FREEMAN with Bob Fraioli & Scott Mariash
"Lady Day"- Remembering Billie Holiday - Saturday July 16th
A Must See For Billie Holiday Fans! 


The instant you hear Carole Freeman’s interpretation of Billie Holiday you’ll be unprepared. Even unsuspecting that a singer could create what you’ll feel as you listen to her voice.


Just like Billie, Carole will trance you into a realm where there is more to life, more to emotions, more to pain and room for courage to open yourself up. Yours is a front row seat to the closing act of the tragic opera that was Billie Holiday's life. You will find beauty in sorrow and hope in pain. You will hear the slurs, the way Carole breaks notes, the way she bends even one-syllable words. How she phrases. The liberty Carole Freeman takes with melodies, the delicious delays ...You will hear Billie.


Sharing the gift and life of Billie Holiday, this is an incredible re-telling and amazing performance by Carole Freeman. Chronicling Holiday's last performance at the Phoenix Theatre in New York City on May 25, 1959 …fifty-three days before she was arrested for drug use …in the hospital …handcuffed to her deathbed, then finally dying on July 17, 1959 at 44 years old. 


Jazz was the opposite of everything Harry Anslinger believed in. He hated and called jazz…“a mongrel music …mating on American shores.” Billie Holiday was his “Poster Child” since she embodied Jazz and drugs …and was hunted down by Anslinger, the head of the Federal Narcotics Bureau who made it his personal mission to destroy her. He assigned agents who watched her every move rather than the moves of the drug pushers who went untouched.


This part of her story is rarely told. Arguably, the most influential jazz singer of all times, Billie Holiday was beautiful, talented and lived a tragic life. In the midst of all the heartache and tragedy …Billie created and left a matchless style and exquisite legacy you will passionately feel and hear in Carole Freeman’s delivery. You’ll literally hear the sound of Billie Holiday’s heart breaking! As "done-in" as she sounds in this portrayal (you can almost smell the gin on Billie’s breath) To her credit, nothing stands between Carole and her listeners. Dare to listen and not feel. Dare to listen and not care about what it is to be alive; to be human; to own your feelings. Defy your soul to be exposed to this compelling performance and not be penetrated by this LADY IN SATIN.

Sat. July, 16th - 8:00 'til Midnight  -  $10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum  


THE BLEU CATS - Saturday June 4th - 8pm 

Gypsy Jazz! Over the last decade we have seen a huge, worldwide spike in interest and its all attributed to the great gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grapelli who founded the "all strings jazz ensemble." Jazzland brings it back for you! Enjoy the growing excitement. Share a wonderful evening as The Bleu Cats lift you to yet another exciting realm … a Gypsy Jazz thrill at Jazzland.


"All strings"… the intriguing, main characteristic of The Bleu Cats gypsy jazz, is enhanced by the sensational use of the rhythm guitar’s "la pompe" in place of the jazz drummer. A dynamic percussive rhythm that enchants and drives the beat.


Get away from the ordinary and expected. The Bleu Cats brings "Jazz Manouche" to you on June 4th. Come for the authentic feel and unmatched jazz ambiance.

Jade Martin - Guitar   Erik Abernathy - Guitar  William Losch - Double Bass

Jazzland - 1324 University Blvd. N. 904 240-1009

8pm til Midnight

$10. Cover  2 Drink Minimum 



INTERNATIONAL  JAZZ DAY!  Sat. Apr. 30th - 8pm 'til Midnight


April Is Jazz Appreciation Month

With Some Of The Finest Jazz Musicians... Jazzland Brings Thrills to YOU!     



Come Share And Show Your Appreciation for America's Classical Music - Jazz!!

We Promise You A Night Of Super-Sensational Musicians!




"The Noteworthy Band"



Featuring ...

Trumpet -Cameron Moten from Jacksonville, FL

Rhythm Guitar -Jacob Schuman from Jacksonville, FL

Bass Guitar -Nathan Waldron from Boston, MA

Tenor Sax -Bill Hynett from the Carolinas

Drums and Leader is Jay Brown from Jacksonville, FL



 1324 University Blvd. N -  9pm 'til Midnight

$10 Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 




Do you know how to groove? Let Kenneth Seabrook’s vocals guide you …as in Stanley Turrentine’s husky soul-jazz tenor or Lee Morgan’s Sidewinder! An authentic connection to the soul of Jazz and rooted in the sweetest groove.


You’ll hear a great jazz vocalist …nimble and quick, who will take you thrillingly in different directions. AND…You don’t have to be a jazz snob to enjoy the avant-garde stylings Steve Cohn proficiently provides on piano.


You will not hear any compromises! Just pure jazz in its finest form. At Jazzland musicians are free to go wherever their creative impulses lead and have a great time while they're at it. 


Featuring Steve Cohn on piano, Jonathan Joseph-Baptist on bass and Larry Wilson on drums. 

Jazzland - 1324 University Blvd. N.  904 240-1009

$10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 








The Lonnie Goodman Trio - Saturday March 12 - 9pm

Live from Montreal! In his Jacksonville Jazzland Debut….

Lonnie Goodman….featuring Tom Sommerville on Bass and Vocals and our own "Timemaster" Scott Mariash on Drums.


This sparkling trio promises to be one of Jazzland’s favorites and a fabulous example of how a traditional piano trio can genuinely captivate you in a most compelling way. You’ll thrill to their management of the "standards"…. It’s like a musical page-turner where you’re eager to know what happens next! The expected is so surprisingly unexpected. Even in the Sinatra like vocals by Sommerville with his beautiful phrasings, the music is elevated to yearning, full of creative twists and rhythms and memories. You won’t be disappointed!

Jazzland - 1324 University Blvd. 904 240-1009

$10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 


Jazz Diamonds On Parade
Saturday, February 6th - 9:00 pm 



Without matching brilliance …like that of the impressive jazz musicians coming to Jazzland’s stage this Saturday, a diamond is just another mineral. Fortunately and like diamonds…this special combination of chemical composition, exceptional structure and formation gives this performance …Unbelievable Sparkle!


Exciting tunes! Stunning improvisations by Steve Cohn on piano! Beautiful and rich blending by Clay Robinson on Trumpet, Piano and vocals… and the Artful Exquisite, Scatmaster, Kenny Seabrook! Combine all of that with the Fabulous foundation! Drummer Jay Brown and his impeccable timing together with the Elegant bass lines by Nathan Waldron makes for a Lustrous, Powerful Night of Jazz!


This combination of great musicians is hard to find! Simply Breathtaking! The Color of their Jazz groove is oh so rare. Like an E color Diamond! This is a must see performance. A perfect jazz fit that will hug the contours of your heart. Celebrate Life! Grab it while you can! You’re going to love every minute of Jazzland’s Jazz Diamonds!


Jazzland... 1324 University Blvd. North

$10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 

904 240-1009 


"FREE" ADMISSION To The PUBLIC!- Every Friday Night!  
Dizzy Gillespie - Friday Dec. 18th - 8pm Sharp 

There's something mesmerizing about this selection for our Golden Moments In Jazz - Vintage Concert Series. You'll be transfixed by them. It features a quintet of Diz, Sonny Stitt, Lou Levy (piano), Ray Brown (bass) and Gus Johnson (drums) that plays it safe - Dizzy's standard feature "On the Sunny Side of the Street" and Stitt's standard feature "Lover Man" are both included in the set. Its clear it was filmed by a real jazz fan. There are long takes of Diz and Sonny's fingering, even views of Diz clearing his valve. In short, all the physical realities of a jazz performance and all the stuff that is usually cut out of filmed performances of jazz artists.


It renders what could have been a pedestrian soft-bop set into something special. But in the second half of this film, things really take off. It's an hour of Dizzy fronting the Clarke-Boland Big Band in 1970, and they are TIGHT. Big brassy, rollicking charts, including Gillespie standbys like "Manteca". Art Farmer is in the trumpet section, so are Idrees Sulieman and Benny Bailey. And, there's Sahib Shihab on baritone sax. No wonder this band is often referred to as legendary. Grab your friends and head over to Jazzland for an entertainment delight! "FREE" Admission to see this vintage treasure! 


 Jazzland - 1324 University Blvd. N. - 904 240-1009 





Tribal Records Presents....

COMING DECEMBER 19TH TO JAZZLAND - Tribal Disorder is a force against the disorder in the human tribe. It's time to recognize that we humans have a severe disorder that manifests itself in our inability to get along with each other. We fight over everything. It's time to stop fighting and begin to learn from our differences and grow as a species. Come and be a part of our movement to spread love at The Only Jazz Club in Jacksonville -  JAZZLAND featuring.... 

Longineu Parsons-Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Flute, Recorders and Vocals
Longineu Parsons III-Drums 
Doug Carn-Piano, Keyboards
Neal Faison-Guitars
 Delorean Fullington-Contrabass, Electric Bass 


A celebrated trumpet player, who appeared last June at Carnegie Hall with some of Broadway’s greatest, Longineu brought credits of his own. He was the lead trumpeter in the Broadway hit "Bubbling Brown Sugar" for years and in 1993, Parson’s appeared at Carnegie Hall in a tribute to the Nicholas Brothers with Lena Horne. He’s performed and recorded with The "Adderley’s, Calloway, Frank Foster, Billy Harper, Philly Joe Jones, Herbie Mann, David Murray, Sam Rivers, Cecil Taylor, Joe Williams and Nancy Wilson.


Parsons has played at some of the world’s most iconic concert halls, including Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center and Theatre de Paris and has performed in more than thirty countries for such dignitaries as the king of Morocco, the president of Gabon, the royal family of the Netherlands, the president of Austria, the U.S. ambassador to France, the royal family of Monaco and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.


"I leave work with a smile," he said, "because everyday I’m with these wonderful young people and I get to share what I have with them." Among the splendid achievements made in his career, Longineu's role as a music educator is at the top of the list. Prof. Dept. of Music, Florida A&M University.

 Jazzland - 1324 University Blvd. N.  904 240-1009

December 19th - 9pm 'til Midnight 

$10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 


The LEGACY BAND - Preserving The Great American Songbook


 Jazz Land Presents: Legacy in Concert - "Preserving the Great American Songbook"-

Saturday November 28th 8-10 pm . . .

featuring the smooth horn stylings of Paul Grant on sax and Geno Valet on trumpet, the energetic vocal and guitar presentations of Leo Errico, the dynamic rhythm section of Doug Peacock on keys, Eric Hunter on upright bass and Dave Ametrano on percussion.


Special Bonus Feature: Video of Chet Baker in concert (1964) on 8’ screen, shown immediately following Legacy concert.


Experience the tradition of live jazz music in Jacksonville’s only authentic "Jazz Club."  Once inside, you will feel like you just walked into the likes of The Village Vanguard in New York! Simple, tasteful, and a perfect place to enjoy live music with friends and other jazz fans.


Jazzland - 1324 University Blvd. N.  904 240-1009

$5.00 Cover - 2 Drink Minimum  



The CAROLE FREEMAN Ensemble - Saturday November 21st - 8pm


Resuscitate your feelings! Snuggles up to your memories with Carole’s pulsating salute to YOU and YOUR lovers. Past and Present. A marvelous showcase of superior Love Songs by the woman who knows how to connect like never before, open the door to your heart, walk in and out at will, in this entertaining masterpiece! This is Carole Freeman performing at the height of her considerable talent with so much feeling. You’ll be unable to take your eyes off of her!


Using Billie Holiday’s signature tune, "Lover Man" as her theme, Carole weaves other Jazz tunes into a dazzling performance. Large, responsive audiences always gather when The Carole Freeman Ensemble performs to feed their hearts with pure romantic excitement while giving exhilarating attention to the extraordinary stories and to the jazz musicians.


Carole’s superb devotion to the composers together with her perceptive grasp of the lyrics are beautifully and abundantly present. She chooses her songs with care, using a keen sense of contrast and tempo to declare the mood and story of each song. Carole’s charm, style and easy command of her signature behind the beat phrasing is completely enchanting! Plan to be a part of this wonderful evening. Come early! Bring your friends! 

JAZZLAND - 1324 University Blvd. N.  904 240-1009 

8pm 'til Midnight - $10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum





It's The Birthday Of Thelonious Monk - Let's Celebrate!!!



Celebrate The Gift of "Jazz Piano" with

Michael Noble!

Celebrate The Birthday of Thelonious Monk 

Saturday October 10th at Jazzland!!!

More than 300 years ago, the piano was invented. It responds to unlimited varieties of human touch, producing sounds ranging in volume from thunder to a whisper …and as many shades of sound as colors on a canvas. Come celebrate the gift and love of a splendid pianist.


While some pianists favor a heavy handed approach to the piano, Michael Noble favors a lighter touch and yields to his impressionable imaginations as he plays. Mike’s use of space between the notes would be approved by the man himself! 


The classically trained, nimble-fingered pianist showed promise as a very young child and was skillfully handled by two piano virtuosos; his mother and grandmother! While Mike can play flawlessly at high speeds, he is equally at home laying back on a relaxed stride piano song or a heart rending ballad.

Jazzland- 1324 University Blvd. North -

$10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 

For Reservations & info: 904 240-1009


Tom Sommerville - Live at Jazzland - Oct 3rd - 8pm

Remember the Platters? Only You, The Great Pretender, Twilight Time? Tom Sommerville was there with them on Bass! Working much of the time in Las Vegas and touring the United States. He also worked with other bands in Wisconsin and Michigan. He puts a soulful spin on the Jazz standards with phrasing that reminds you of that "Sinatra Swing" we all know and love so much! He’s a splendid, seasoned performer!


After having studied Classical Jazz and Voice at the University of South Carolina, Tom Sommerville moved on to Jazz Studies at Oakland University in Detroit. He loves Big Bands and the era! He made it happen as a Bassist and vocalist until a massive stroke brought all of that to a screeching halt in 2007.

Unable to physically pick up the instrument for just over two years, a determined Tom Sommerville persevered and regained his instrumental and verbal prowess recalling how the Bass and music was the greatest therapy he could have possibly imagined. With a pure love for music Tom sings and plays a memorable, exceptional performance, giving you a magical night of music and memories!


Sat. Oct. 3rd - 8pm 'til Midnight - $10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum

1324 University Blvd. N  - 904 240-1009




"FREE DINNER" - Patron Appreciation Night! 
Saturday, September 26th - 8pm

Jazzland has established itself by featuring top-flight musicians spanning multiple generations. Our goal is the highest level of ecstatic communication between two equals. Musicians and Patrons. The epitome of this connection pops with exhilaration this Saturday night with You, Matelyn Alicia and R.J. Thompson! A Jazz Duo in command of every salient variable. Jaw-dropping style and power that swings at any tempo.


Riding on the magic carpet created by The American Songbook, Matelyn Alicia takes the stage with a sense of vulnerability then explodes with an astonishing projection that sends the notes vibrating into the rafters. She knows how to maximize the power of lyrics, and delivers a show you’ll long remember.


An all-knowing painist and soon to be Jacksonville's Jazz piano phenomenon R. J. Thompson approaches the standards with a relaxed yet buoyant swing. With an ever-widening statement of intricate keyboard thoughts, R. J. blends clean-toned arpeggios laced with blues asides and short solos of expertly crafted ideas. An outstanding performance awaits this Saturday at

Jazzland. 1324 University Blvd. N - 904 240-1009

$10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 


"Unrequited Love"  The CAROLE FREEMAN Quartet - Saturday Sept. 19th


You Know You’ve Got It Bad, When You Miss Someone You’ve Never Had. That One Crush You Never Get Over. Unrequited Love- the great theme of life and literature gets scrutiny and style via lush vocals, somber remembrance and hilarious stories this Saturday night at Jazzland!


Carole passionately conveys how the love we cannot have …last the longest, hurts the deepest! Composers and lyricists have beautifully created on the subject. Sidesplitting tales together with sensuous vocals for which Carole is quite affectionately known… flows with exquisite phrasing and style in this performance.


She delivers the torture, intense passionate yearnings and eventual heartbreak that is unrequited love. Through her superb exoneration, you’ll miss someone who isn’t yours to miss; you’ll dream about someone who isn’t yours to dream about. You’ll accept that…. “That First” thrilling kiss is as far away as the stars!


Despite the heartbreak, magnificent tunes are born out of this condition. Classics and Standards we all identify with and love. Carole Freeman skillfully interprets the two sides, Lover and Rejector! Giving you a hilarious night of Jazz and comedy you’ll supremely enjoy!


When asked about her personal bout with unrequited love Carole says…”what hurts the most is discovering that you mean nothing to the person that means everything to you!” Don’t be surprised if she talks and sings about it. Come for the beauty, truth and pain of Unrequited Love.


Saturday Sept. 19th - 8:00 pm 'til Midnight
$10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum
Jazzland - 1324 University Blvd. N.
For Reservations & Information: 904 240-1009


SATURDAY NIGHT SEPT. 12TH - $10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum




Think of the old Juke Joints! The spine-tingling lyrics! The music that made you sway and moan and talk back to the band! Its all yours again! Sleepy Gilliard's unbelievable sense of rhythm and uncompromising structure, characterize his brand of Blues.


His many moods and personality nuances come through in this engaging blues repertoire. He is a supremely talented drummer, known for his ability to "seriously croon" as he seamlessly drives the rhythm to your heart on the spot.   You’ll be soothed, excited, aroused to a righteous fury and filled with joy! Powerful emotions you just love to feel as Down Home Blues Rocks Your Soul!


This Saturday Night a master blues singer for decades, Sleepy Gilliard brings his haunting, sensuous, compelling, spellbinding vocals and a truckload of blues to YOU! Performing with this dynamic Blues Man is Gerald Mackey on Saxophone and Ronald Simpkins on Keyboard. You don’t want to miss this show. To bring you this performance, Jazzland leans way back into the arms of the "Mother" of the music, the thing that started it all… those "Down Home Blues!" 


Saturday, September 12th - 8pm 'til Midnight
$10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum
1324 University Blvd. N. 904 240-1009


The Leo Errico Quartet  
Thursday, September 10th - 7 'til 9:30 pm  - $5. Cover - No Minimum


Special Thursday Night Performance

Thursday's Become Exciting Again!

The Good Times Roll At Jazzland!

Leo’s colorful guitar stylings

and engaging vocals showcase a

beautiful assortment of jazz standards

from The Great American Songbook!


Relax and Remember at

JAZZLAND … Where The Great Musicians Play!

1324 University Blvd. N. 904 240-1009

7:00 'til 9:30pm   $5. Cover - No Minimum



Known for its jazz excellence, Jazzland is a Labor Day Weekend tradition. For years, local music fans and visitors alike repeatedly kick off this holiday weekend at Jazzland! They know the performance will be the hottest four hours of great music in town! And like every other Labor Day Weekend Celebration, they also know Jazzland will present something different; someone remarkable and new!!!!


This Saturday, an astonishing saxophone player, Melvin Smith gives us great pride and pleasure to introduce and feature, with "The Blue Topaz Jazz Quartet!" Melvin’s blistering offering has been called a "high wire act of musical textures and technique with "huge range, controlled ferocity, fleet notes and flowing expression that will leave you breathless. So get ready for some big time saxophone thrills.


This standout performance strikes an unpredictable balance of rustling counterpoint and open space. For guitarist Glenn Wallace, it is hard to muster enough superlatives to do justice to this accomplished musician. His virtuosity asserts itself in a shimmering fan of chords that successively assumes an almost vocal quality. The sophistication of his playing is dazzling. Jess Kirk on Bass works brilliantly to flesh out the splendid foundation of the tunes …quite respectfully, yet totally unbound and Kinney Harold, a percussion virtuoso, capable of playing at the most brutal tempos with subtlety as well as power …establishes the sweetest beats this side of paradise. Start your Labor Day Weekend at Jazzland for the jazz time of your life! Four hours of pure listening euphoria.

Jazzland, 1324 University Blvd. N. 904 240-1009

$10. Cover – 2 Drink Minimum







You feel good! Your image of Jazzland, as the door swings shut behind you, is that of a critic. Taking notes, euphoric to be present at the birth of endless improvisations. You’ll praise the "collective spontaneity" of the musicians noting their "almost Ellingtonian integration of individual voices into a collective composition.

You've learned a lot about jam sessions. Looking back over your shoulder, you see musicians flocking to the stage to be part of this weekly excitement. You’ve become a drive-by jazz genius; redefining audience as performer and performer as audience. Your place in Jazz history is assured. Every Tuesday Night at Jazzland… where the great musicians play!

Come For The Best Live Jazz In Jacksonville...at Jacksonville's Only Live Jazz Club! JAZZLAND!




 Safe, Comfortable, Cozy Place!
 A Super Cool Mature, Friendly Crowd 
The Great Musicians We Feature Every Week 
The Unbeatable Prices for Fine Wines, Domestic and Imported  Beers.
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1324 University Blvd. North - (904-240-1009)

Citizens of Jazzland....
Put On Your Dancing Shoes - Dust Off Your Special Memories       
      As We Revive The Music and Memories You Know So Well    
  With That Good Rocking  Band You Love So Well   

Russ Morang - Guitar  John Baker - Bass  Malik Graham - Keyboards

Mike Stanley - Sax/Flute  -  Adrienne Johnson - Vocals   Danny Thomas - Drums

Max Bednarchik - Trumpet

 Saturday August 29th - 8pm 'til Midnight - $10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum

THE KINNEY HAROLD ENSEMBLE  - "Vibraphone" - Straight-Ahead Jazz!
Saturday August 22nd - 8:00 'til Midnight  - $10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 

Kinney Harold! A superior jazz musician plays the standards and ballads with cascading runs and a shimmering soundscape. He’s done this sought after Jazz feature for many years. Kinney’s approach and performance is a thing of rare beauty and a privilege to hear. The Citizens of Jazzland can be heard applauding wildly each time he appears.

The impressive solos, intricate phrasing and momentum of Kinney Harold are simply mesmerizing. It is both technically impressive and emotionally charged. For those who have seen Kinney’s performance, expect that he’ll enlarge on your already memorable experiences of him. Plan to be a part of an enchanted evening, This Saturday, August 22nd when Kinney Harold brings his Jazz Ensemble to Jazzland… Where the great musicians play! 1324 University Blvd. North - 904 240-1009



Wednesday Night - July 15th 
ANOTHER Super-Sensational Jazzland Feature!
Noah Peterson, San Antonio saxophonist, composer and loop station wizard weaves a web of magical, musical mayhem and more. Enjoy a customized, electrified, sax-a-loop-a-licious journey into the land of the groove. Leaving no effects behind, this  observable orchestration performance is Tops!

This one-man funk freak emits a sonic curtain of awesomeness so thick you’ll think you took a bath in maple syrup.  Ballads so moving that Navy SEALS weep like school-girls.  Latin tunes so groovy you’ll dislocate your hip. This show is not for those with weak hearts, bad lungs, small minds and simple chronic halitosis.  If you need to uplift your soul, if you need to get up for the down-stroke; if you need to rejuvenate your spirit, this foot-stomping, disco’d-up sax-maniac is sure to leave you teased, pleased and begging for more. A Wild Night of Fun. 




Citizens of Jazzland....


Come For That Sweet Feeling Only Latin Jazz Can Bring!

Thrilling Combinations- Unmatched! Go Back To The Beginning Days....At The Village Gate!

Now, "Salsa Meets Jazz at Jazzland! Come Thrill Again!

We Guarantee You'll Have A Red Hot Latin Jazz Nights!

Here's what Jazzland has for you! A magnificent night of music and dance! Where Salsa meets Jazz. Reminiscent of a night with Latin Jazz Legend Eddie Palmeri. Retracing the official birth of the "Salsa Meets Jazz at the Village Gate" series has proven to be a formidable endeavor. Since Mamboso Nuyotopia first launched the "Salsa Meets Jazz" web module, back in 2006, there has been an incredible response to this music treat! 


What remains and much more important to the course of events was how New York driven afro-cuban rhythms came to co-exist under one harmonious roof with improvisational jazz. Make no mistake, the pioneers were already out there doing it "Big Band" style. But what happened at the Village Gate was a unique artistic and sociological phenomenon unraveled during a maelstrom known as the 60s that has since taken on an undeniable and impeccable identity of its own – Latin Jazz.


When history speaks of Village Gate collaborations as being seminal, it need only point to Art D’Lugoff’s role as cupid in the broader scheme of things! Jazzland is proud to accept the role as cupid by bringing this exciting performance to you! This Saturday night is a return to this collaboration with some of the finest musicians. Count on spectacular Latin Jazz as one of Jazzland's features.  Don't miss it 

*****ONE FABULOUS GUY*******
Its A Party!! You're Invited!
No Cover - No Minimum!
We're Celebrating ....
Robert VanNest' Birthday!
Robert is....
An outstanding jazz historian and musical stage performer and exceptional friend and supporter of Jazzland. Robert's close friend and internationally acclaimed musician, Calvin Newborn whose works are on exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute... is our Special Guest for this superb occasion! Calvin is also the brother of Phineas Newborn- world renown jazz piano legend and composer.
Saturday, February 28th - 8pm 'til Midnight 
Call: (904) 240-1009 or email: info@jazzlandcafe.com            



  The Thrill Of Valentine's Day


Make Valentine's Day Unforgettable The Best Valentine’s Value In Town!

For the third year in a row and for what's becoming a Valentines Day tradition, this charming vocalist treats you to an intimate evening of music and storytelling, delivered as only she can. Consistently,Carole Freeman wins over audiences with her sultry style, classic noir phrasing and sincere performances! The perfect combination for you to celebrate this romantically perfect holiday.


 Majestic Improvisations, sophisticated arrangements and three of the most recognized jazz musicians on the local scene shares the stage with Carole.


Not only a virtuoso and prolific jazz pianist so early in his life, Aaron Lehrian also received first place at the 2014 Jacksonville Jazz festival Piano Competition for his passionate, brilliant tour de force in piano improvisation. A thrilling performer! He'll leave you breathless! 


And Scott! There's something inherently beautiful about Scott Mariash's drumming, which is unmistakable on the jazz classics we’ve put together for you! He’s got that subtle lilt on some of the tunes, but he is equally at home laying down the thickest, sweetest grooves. After all…he’s from Chicago!


John Chapman on Upright Bass ...is taking slapping and thumping to a whole new level and his influence in the bass community is noteworthy. His walking lines are so melodic. His note choice and space within his lines are inspiring, his tone and rhythm... and his soloing is just amazing! He lays the foundation the way you like it! 


With her signature sound, huge repertoire and notable fondness for love songs, Carole carefully holds you close and wraps you into a very special Valentine’s Day adventure with sensual, beautiful love songs that fill the air with blissful sighs, powerful glances and wonderful mood making … all in the name of love. Join us for a special pre-performance Valentine's Day buffet and an intimate evening of exceptional jazz for lovers. Jazzland! The perfect place to revel in love’s own day.


             RESERVE NOW!!!  904-240-1009

Click Here To Reserve for CAROLE FREEMAN


CREAM 'N SUGAR - Jazzland Debut - Saturday January 31st - 8pm

COMING TO JAZZLAND! - January 31, 2015. "Cream ‘n Sugar!

Patrice Brown, a native of Jacksonville (Cream)… found her true passion singing in church choirs where Blues, Jazz, and R&B infused Spirituals, ignited her passion for singing Jazz! She’s incredibly diverse as she embraces the styles of Elvis, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and more! Ms. Brown, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who on this coming Saturday night… steps into her debut performance at Jazzland Cafe with faith that "Cream" Rises to the Top to Delight and entertain the enthusiastic Citizens of Jazzland.


Patricia Simmons, (Sugar) is a native of Chicago, who grew up loving playing the piano and partaking of the vibrant jazz night life of The Windy City including watching her mother sing jazz and tell stories of her experiences with Billie Holiday. Pat is an accountant, animal lover and as Sugar she knows how to make everything sweeter, better and that she's bringing the beginning of sweet and smooth times. A great Night of Music and Fun! Don’t Miss It!

8pm 'til Midnight - $10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 



They play straight from their hearts, gleaning every nuance from the notes, milking the horns and keys for vibrant emotions! They conjure your sensations like mad! From playfulness to sobs; to the love that ...
pours from musician to patron… as it bridges the gap and sends everyone’s heart reeling with astonished delight!

Ray Callender's formula works so well. Some of the tunes are achingly beautiful and nostalgic and ...could bring a tear to a hangman's eye. Their collective charisma glows with engaging, culture-jumping solos! Moreover, this performance, guided by the carefully selected tunes ...is intended to take you into strange and satisfying new realms where the talents of each finds that place where they are mutually on point ...and you are truly inspired.

The piano lines interlace in and out and between each other …like the sure footed stepping of a tango couple. At times …his extemporization seem to fly from his fingers faster than …we think …he can pound them out. But he’s cool! Joshua Bowlus manages to keep his feet on the ground as we fly to catch up… as he originates hours of exhilarating jazz piano moments.

No matter what tune you’re listening to, Ray's innovations are founded in jazz as we know it …and are unmistakably informed by the cultural framework of this remarkable quartet. On the ballads .. he delivers sweetly lyrical renditions together with Kenny Hamilton while Joshua Bowlus is pensive and introspective and shines! Not to be missed is Joshua's conspicuous affinity for faster, piano explorations that are powerfully energetic and natural for him on “Straight Ahead” classic jazz signature pieces.

The musicianship in this quartet is flawless. Four virtuosos, blend around each other's melodies, creating fascinating, harmonious bridges, building upon and toying with structural ideas beyond what each composition calls for.  Ray’s complex trumpet inventions give way to Kenny’s spellbinding saxophone runs as Joshua accepts the freedom that unfettered piano exploration allows ...at the driving cadence decided by rhythm master, Paulie Lentz! You’ll watch as the four meet someplace in the center and emerge with new jazz entities that only an alliance of equals can accomplish at Jacksonville's Only Live Jazz Club ...this Saturday at Jazzland....Where The Great Musicians Play!  8:00 PM 'til Midnight - $10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 


Voodoobilly Jazz! You read it right. It’s a first for Jacksonville and Jazzland too! But Austin's got no shortage of musicians with a taste for the macabre, so welcome balladeer Izzy Cox to the jazz hot seat. She's Texan and French-Canadian... via California, a confluence that shapes Love Letters' electrified voodoo-billy jazz with a crampy twist of southern cabaret and silent-movie panache.

An anarchist crooner and has coined the style Voodoobilly Jazz as her own, Izzy Cox is Influenced by old movie soundtracks wrapped in old time bar room blues and country singers. Izzy’s lyrics are like diary entries, tales of killers, buckaroos, snake handlers!

World traveler, Izzy Cox is captivating, off-putting …she makes you feel downright uncomfortable in your own skin. And that's why you want more! Her CD "Love Letters from the Electric Chair" should be rated five star. Izzy Cox wrote some of the best original, honest, music I have ever heard. She invokes massive distortion on her guitar as she tricks with her vocal machinations and guess what? I have barely scratched the surface of this fascinating artist of vast dimensions.

Izzy has recorded 20 albums and is a veteran of the Montreal music scene that produced Rufus Wainwright and Arcade Fire. I have absolutely no intention of describing Izzy's songs. Words won’t do .... you simply must come and hear! I will explain that on "Man of the Cloth" she opens with …as she says… she’s not going to heaven ....she shot her husband square in her front lawn. Actually, this is really a stripped down, slow ballad. whew! Did I mention that Izzy can sing?
A One Woman Show You Will Never... Ever Forget!!
Friday, November 21st - 8:00 pm - $10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum



Let’s say, you’re not into masquerades, the costumes that disguise on Halloween… still, you feel like going out ...where you'll be relaxed welcome, unemcumbered ...just being yourself! And then, let’s also say…you’re interested in the Florida-Georgia Football Weekend…I know you have a favorite. Shucks, you might even have some guests coming to town for the game…and you need to park them for a while, because you’re not quite ready for all the pre-game trash talking and whooping and hollering.... am I understanding...?

All you really want to do on this cool autumn evening is to wind down from the week …shutdown the nagging thoughts and problems on your mind. Perhaps to simply get out of the house and enjoy some hassle free time away. Take in some truly great live music ...in a splendid jazz room with a super friendly crowd. Am I feeling you? ….Is this how you’re feeling right about now? Then come to me! I've got the perfect place for you. Jazzland! This is where you’ll be on Halloween! Relaxing - Reviving - Getting Away From It All.

An intimate setting! Great conversations that make you feel so good! Come Alone and I promise…you won’t be lonely! Or …Come With Friends! Simply Come As You Are! Dressed As Yourself! The Best Jazz In Town Is Waiting For You at Jacksonville's Only Jazz Club! Jazzland …Where The Great Musicians Play!

Friday October 31 – 8:00 pm ‘til Midnight - $10. Cover
The Jacksonville All Stars Jazz Trio! They're Super-Sensational

In 2012, as a light jazz duo Intuit began with Guitarist Nicholas Russell and Bassist Nick Spagnuolo. Since then ...and with the addition of Camille Hudson on Vocals and Violin the band has grown into a fabulously fresh sounding Jazz Trio!

Intuit consistently contributes to the music department at Florida State College, the Manatee Players community theater and other organizations as they expand into new audiences with a deeply personalized form of jazz, with performances that include unique arrangements of jazz standards, original music, and their own take on some of today's popular and independent music. Jazzland invites you to Get In To It with “Intuit”…Live at Jazzland on November 8th- $10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum



Citizens of Jazzland... Chances are you’ve heard about the attention among the jazz faithful that is always paid to this incomparable trio. Even if you don't think you're familiar with them, as a jazz lover you are! This exceptional Jazz Pianist, Javion Francis and his fabulous trio delivers an immersive, one-of-a-kind night!


Teamed with Stefan Klein on Drums, contributing shape-shifting percussion, leaving no doubt about his abilities to slip into any groove seamlessly and Mike Perez..who's a first-call, master craftsman on Upright Bass in his own right, the trio offers a mix of brilliant improvisations, beautifully patterned in classic jazz form. Still, they might easily venture into a raw, dark, trance-like groove … into more unsettled waters with some of the classic standards we all know and love. What a thrill! There is no shortage of Jazz lovers in Jazzland’s packed house calling for more! 


Expect to feel touches of a loping Blues. Swerve through a Latin-oriented shuffle or tap your toes to an abstract jazz intro marked by the sweetest groove this side of paradise, skillfully applied by the impeccable hands of Javion Francis …that might easily be the night's most arresting moment with Mike and Stefan knowing …there is so much more to explore! Don’t miss this thrilling night of Jazz from The Heart










Friends-Fun - Great Music! Say Yes!
Perhaps you're not wanting to go straight home after your day is through...
or maybe you're at home and feel like getting out for a while.
Then say YES to Tuesday's at Jazzland.
We've got Happy Hour - Great Friends - Old & New
if you're up to the challenge!
If you're simply needing a long, friendly chat with
a like-minded soul or two. We've Got That Too!
If this sounds like the cure for what ails you ...
or just the thing that moves you.. Then 
Come On Over!  Everything's Waiting Just For You,
Every Tuesday at Jazzland- 5 'til 9pm - NO COVER! 



 SEPTEMBER 13th - 8:00 pm
Jazzland presents....
LUCKY "8" Night
 8 piece- Old School Salsa Band
" La Buena Esenxia"
featuring...  Felix Colon & Carlos Cortes
Mambo - Merengue - Bolero - Salsa
Get Latin Music - Dancing As Only "Jazzland" Can Bring 
Great Salsa Dancing - Latin Jazz Blast From the Past!
Bring Your Dancing Shoes-A Spectacular Night Of Fun!

Latin Dancing Not Your Thing? No Problem! 
Watching Will Leave You Fascinated and Breathless! 
A Special $8. Cover - $15. for Couples! 2 Drink Minimum 
Please Send  To Your Friends
Post To Your Facebook Page!

Saturday September 13th
8:00 'til Midnight - $8. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum
$8. COVER!



Citizens of Jazzland....
For Another Successful Year of 
You'll see performers who have been with us from the beginning, plus many more who are new and waiting to delight you, We ABSOLUTELY MUST... have you here with us! We NEED to see you there as we kick off another year... since you, Citizens of Jazzland.... are the pinnacle of our fourth anniversary celebration.
       HOW SWEET IT IS!      
featuring.... A Gathering of Outstanding Jazz Musicians
SPECIAL TRIBUTES TO OUR SUPPORTERS - The "Live "Jazz Event of the Year- 
Please Tell Your Friends & Post To Your Facebook Page! 
It’s hard to believe that Jazzland is four years old! Our genuine passion for jazz fuels our success. A deep love of classic jazz drew us in; showcasing live performances by student, local musicians and international greats, keeps us hot!  We’re excited and eager to serve Jacksonville, as the Ultimate Jazz Listening Room.

Our celebration encircles the spirit of jazz that has emanated from Jazzland’s walls since its opening. With student musicians, female jazz ensembles, jazz jams and jazz audiences, Jazzland is creating a super model for cultivating the future of jazz. We present a wide range of musicians in terms of age, instrument, ethnicity, style and have galvanized the Jacksonville jazz community. Students bask in the learning environment our weekly Jam Sessions create. A critical experience they otherwise, would not have.

Jazz is respected all over the world because it is created in the moment. Spontaneously! The Ultimate Musical Expression. With your loyal support, Jazzland has created a beacon for jazz in the Old Arlington area of Jacksonville and Jazzland will continue to be a magnet for world class musicians and patrons.
Saturday Evening, June 21st - 8:00 'til Midnight - $10. Cover - 2 Drink Minimum 



In Recognition of An Outstanding Jazz Musician
Jack Pierson - Master Musician - Jam Session Leader
Jazz piano's Jacksonville legacy wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for the life, inspiration and the unique style of Jack Pierson. The Michigan Jazz Festival was dedicated to this outstanding jazz musician in 2004. Jack has performed with Cannonball Adderley, Neil Hefti, Les Elgart! He was the Coordinator of Henry Ford College Jazz Studies in Detroit and Monteux Switzerland with Donald Byrd, Bunky Green and Nathan Davis!
Like Art Tatum, Jack Pierson is an undeniable inspiration for everyone who hears his ability to craft unique improvisations while staying true to the original melody and by his swing-inspired beats. Jack explores elements not typically found in jazz. And like Oscar Peterson, Jack will often spontaneously introduce the harmonizations of the likes of classical pianist Rachmaninoff into the mix as he creates and controls the beautiful expansion of his exceptional piano improvisations. A brilliant Jazz Pianist and quite a thrill to hear.
Jack Pierson is an innovator, giving  voice to a wordless instrument and composing with his own technique, re-arranging into new and exciting layouts. He is among the few unique improvisationalist you can hear with a  notable influence on the local jazz evolution. Jack has used unusual scales to his improvisations, and revolutionized the Jazz Rich .. Jazzland Jacksonville Jam Sessions by his incredible impressions on the young aspiring jazz musicians who come here and express delight over being able to hear Jack Pierson.
A Straight Ahead Jazz Master 

The AARON LEHRIAN TRIO Stars at The Jazzland St. Patrick's Day Celebration 


On Saturday, February 1st, The Aaron Lehrian Trio took to Jazzland's stage for what turned out to be one of the best performances we have ever had the privilege to bring to you! The astonishing part is...these are students! Yet they played with what Oscar Petersen called the " Five Must Haves".... Touch, Timing, Tone, Talent and Taste, way beyond their years. They took ONE BREAK!!!!  I was reminded of the time I heard Michael Jackson sing ..."Who's Loving You!" There is no way, I thought...that an eight year old little boy can know how to sing that song with such "understanding"...to know exactly where to put the "pain and heartache" in a song like that! Well, Aaron Lehrian on Piano - Lamont Kaiser on Upright Bass and Emily Maddox on Drums returned me to that place! They made my heart and soul sing. They Made Every Struggle, Every Set-Back, Every Hoop I'm Pushed Through And Every Hurdle I'm Forced To Jump..... Entirely Worthwhile! -Carole Freeman



Blue Topaz, an outstanding Jazz Ensemble is led by Kinney Harold and features guitarist Glenn Wallace. Kinney Harold is a fascinating jazz musician. He doesn't always cling to the dynamic style he's developed.  His style is hip, advanced ... he fits in and naturally embraces any avant garde challenge. Glenn's played for over 48 years with great musicians like: Denis Fortune, Eddie Simons, Charles Erlend to name a few. He can also be heard on the CD Northbound Jazz Fusion available on Amazon.

Blue Topaz is a perfect blend of creative improvisation, telepathic responses with intricate and flexible head arrangements. The well constructed tunes utilizes the body of Glenn Wallace’s guitar as Javion Francis cleverly feeds the chords on the bridge. Glenn solos imaginatively with Kinney comping sensitively behind him as Ben Adkins on drums, builds a perfect foundation.  It's harmonic sophistication and melodic ingenuity that makes Blue Topaz’ improvisational concept so successful.
Kinney Harold, Vibes - Glenn Wallace, Guitar - Javion Francis, Piano - Ben Adkins, Drums

The Appleseed Collective - Jazzland & Jacksonville Debut 
Mix the Hot Club of Paris with the sweaty soul of Dixieland, a couple blades of bluegrass, a pinch of ragtime beat, and a western swinging swagger and you've just conjured the sound of The Appleseed Collective. The band has put the pedal to the metal spreading their unique sound across the country. A century's worth of music with fresh perspective. "The blends of jazz, swing, bluegrass, Dixieland ditties and alluring gypsy-folk whirls.  From Wisconsin to Vermont, and from the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula down to Florida, The Appleseed Collective has been building momentum. Playing Summer Camp Music Festival, Hoxeyville, Earthwork Harvest Gathering, Sleepy Bear and Farm Block Fest; their Florida tour schedule has included stops in Destin, Tampa, Orlando and Jazzland in Jacksonville. With a new album's worth of music up their sleeves, The Appleseed Collective is gearing up for a second visit to the studio sometime soon. The flavors are deepening. They can't wait to share what they have.

Carole Freeman Remembers BILLIE HOLIDAY 
By Special Request -                                          ************
Not only does she look like Billie Holiday, Carole shares the adventures of her personal connection and interaction with Billie Holiday! Billie's funeral, as it rounded Columbus Circle in New York City, offered Carole a brush with history and her legacy. After many years of deep appreciation for the unsparing struggles and hopelessness shared by most of the jazz pioneers at that time, Carole respects and remembers them. Most notably, Billie Holiday. Carole Freeman credibly remembers Billie by this remarkable performance, poignantly delivered with smiles, tears and feelings, on the wings of the outstanding and timeless compositions that comprise The Great American Songbook.
The plush colors of her phrasing, the deepening maturity of her interpretations and the propulsive, hilarious stories she unleashes at will, promises to delight and connect as it shines the adeptness of an incredible talent. She'll pay with pride, a tender and touching homage to one of her great influences, Billie Holiday.
Carole brings a beguiling lyricism to her styling, as well as a true sophisticated approach to jazz harmony with her outstanding trio. Step back as she sings the works of Billie whom she ennobles! You're in for a substantial treat! 
The Carole Freeman Quartet




Jazzland welcomes Billy Slais, all the way from Reno, Nevada for a one night performance at 
Jazzland …Where The Great Musicians Play!
Billy Slais, a native of Memphis, Tenn. grew musically during the days of STAX/VOLT. Billy is a saxophonist, songwriter, arranger and keyboardist. He has played with Elvin Bishop, Starship, did session work with Tower of Power and a member of Cold Blood before moving to Reno. Slais received the Air Force Commendation Medal for entertaining the troops during his tour of Vietnam. He was formerly the Entertainment Coordinator for the Enoteca Wine Cave at the Siena Casino in Reno, NV. He tours with Craig Chaquico and performs as the Billy Slais JAZZ Ensemble at select Northern Nevada venues.
“Billy’s got a great ear, which means he can really hear the music, and that’s why when we played R&B, like when I backed up him and Mick Gillette on trumpet; it was always real tight.” said Steven “Doc” Kupka. Billy Slais said  ".. one thing a musician’s life will teach you is ... it’s what you’re doing today that counts. In this business, your credits mean nothing if you can’t play well right now. You’ve got to be on top of your game!” And Billie Slais is exactly that! A world class professional who is a pleasure to see and hear.
That's precisely why he's coming to Jazzland... Where The Great Musicians Play!




Jazzland is proud to pay tribute to the  "Ambassador of Jazz!" An exceptional jazz pioneer and Jacksonville native. We invite you to participate in a splendid evening of jazz honoring this hometown legend. We are especially proud because Jazzland, like Al Downing, is centered on advancing young jazz musicians as we channel his great dedication, contributions and achievements to Jazz and remember his remarkable life.
This Great Jazz Pioneer Belongs To You, Jacksonville!  Alvin “Al” Joseph Downing was born in 1916 in Jacksonville, Florida. At five his gift for music was evident. By the 9th grade he'd organized his first band, The Ten Clouds of Joy. What a Legacy!  Al Downing played “every instrument.”      Major Al Downing, a Tuskegee Airman, also penned the Tuskegee Airmen Theme Song. As Special Services Officer at Tuskegee Army Air Field and leader of the 613th Army Air Forces band, Al Downing also created and directed a military musical extravaganza, “Operation Happiness” where General “Chappie” James served, as master of ceremonies. Al Downing was posthumously presented the Congressional  Gold Medal of Honor for being one of the Tuskegee Airmen,  the nation's first black combat pilots. His album,  “Al Downing And Friends Do Jazz” and “Angel Eyes” performed by his daughter, Evelyn, demand attention and excitement, to this day.


This photo, "Flying Calvin" has been co-opted by The Smithsonian honoring CALVIN NEWBORN


You Don't Have To Go To The Smithsonian Institute To See Him!

 "Calvin Newborn" "Internationally acclaimed Jazz and Blues Guitarist"
Keep Watching For The Date Of His Next Performance At Jazzland ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

One of America’s greatest heroes of Blues and Jazz, it is high time you found out more about Calvin Newborn. Musician, Playwright, Author, Educator. Calvin was Assistant Director of Jazz Studies at LeMoyne-Owen College. He also taught underprivileged children at the Stax Music Academy and has written numerous arrangements, compositions, stage plays and operettas. Calvin Newborn is living history and Jazzland is humbled and proud to turn a page or two …leading you to knowing why Calvin Newborn is important; why he is worthy of your complete attention.


The Smithsonian Institute has co-opted the photo...  "Flying Calvin" as the logo for their Rock’N’Soul exhibit. Jazzland makes it possible for you to see, hear and feel what the historians will write about Calvin Newborn. Too bad the "King" is gone, otherwise he’d happily tell you himself! That’s right! Elvis Presley worshipped at Calvin’s feet. It was there he learned the showmanship for which he was so wildly famous. Elvis discovered how to move and dance under the skillful guidance and as a direct result of Calvin Newborn!  Calvin is well appreciated for his remarkable achievements in Jazz and Blues. With astonishing clarity, calvin recalls stories about "the glory days" ....the Blues and Jazz sessions with some of the greatest musicians of our time. Mgazines like Living Blues, Mojo, G.Q., and Cadence have all mined hundreds of tales about his work with Count Basie, Howlin Wolf and others. Let's hope that from among the listeners…a new talent will spark! Some young one will emerge to build on this exceptional talent and promise the waiting world its next Calvin Newborn.

Jazzland Is A Fundamental Resource For Women Jazz Instrumentalist - Use Us! 
As women, we are caught between the dual problems of invisibility by the “myth of absence” and by “exclusion from performance opportunities.”
Jazzland is a bridge to the solution of those problems. One might easily conclude that an offering of a “Women In Jazz Series” every now and again,
might easily solve the dual problems. Not so! To us, that would simply exacerbate the unfair practice rather than provide an acceptable form of
embodiment to the women instrumentalist whose talents are consistently excluded. 
To dispel the myth of absence, we submit that women jazz intrumentalist are available and an exceptional talent pool exists right here in Jacksonville,
from which to draw.  Jazzland’s role is to get you and that talented group believing ...that we are here for women too.  Jazzland’s goal is to book female
and male musicians. We have the local resources in talent and gender to do exactly that!
Together, we must move beyond gender and call on all jazz musicians and their allies to move toward a progressive, humanist place where the experiences
and creative talents of all instrumentalists are equally respected and represented. To that end and if you are or know of women instrumentalist, who play
jazz, please forward this message on to them or simply let us know who and where they are! Jazzland is currently looking for and booking women jazz
instrumentalist! We have a place for you and your legacy in the glorious world of Jazz. We are a fundamental resource. Use us! 
Carole Freeman - 904 240-1009

 "The Zach Bartholomew Trio's"  Debut - CD Release Performance!
What A Remakable Night! A Trio Of Exceptionally Talented , Fine Young Men! They Will Be Back!!!



The Zach Bartholomew Trio performed their debut album, “Out of This Town” together with some classic tunes and Standards
at Jazzland on July 14th! The trio is now doing a CD release tour and performances throughout the summer and fall to promote the
album. To learn more about the band, please visit www.zbjazz.com or find them on facebook (www.facebook.com.zbjazz).


A Year Of Spectacular Jazz In Jacksonville!




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In just TWO years, Jazzland's throbbing jazz nightlife has become a magnet for jazz thrill seekers from way beyond the Jacksonville community. "Jazz is truly ascending" says Carole Freeman, the vibrant manager of Jazzland. "Everybody’s excited and comes to see and hear the great jazz musicians we’re fortunate enough to find.  They’ve found a place that’s "exotic, safe, colorful, and sensuous; a place of laughing, singing, and dancing; a place where the night lights up to Live Jam Sessions Every Tuesday Night and Sensational Jazz Every weekend."

University Boulevard rings with jazz music, jam sessions, dance, and happiness. Beautiful cars line up for blocks under the glittering stars above Jazzland whose doors swallow up and spit out crowds of jazz lovers on Friday and Saturday night. In all of Jacksonville, Jazzland is the Only Live Jazz club. On Friday and Saturday nights, when the music begin to play, the whole city wants to "cross the line" and come to University Blvd North. They call Jazzland "The Place" because you can find everybody whose anybody there on a Saturday night, clapping and stomping away to the Best Jazz in Town. In fact, people will tell you this is where the Jazz patrons of Jacksonville have finally found a remarkable haven for exceptional "Authentic" Jazz. 


So what is this groovy place all about? Why do people come from miles around to have a taste of Jazzland’s nightlife? Put on your Saturday night frocks, and let's go find out. And by the way...If you're new to Jazz, you might consider spending a few Saturday and Sunday nights listening to "This Is Jazz" a radio show hosted by Jazz historian Bob Bednar. The show airs on Public Radio, WJCT 89.9 Midnight on Friday, Saturday 8-10pm & Sundays 9 to 11. Bob is the perfect  Intimate Guide to Jazz


Now you’re ready to hang out till midnight with great music, a fun crowd and plenty to do. You feel like you’re in an old movie. The music is absolutely beautiful — soaring choruses played with blinding passion and the high-stepping music of trumpets and saxophones. Critics love it. The audience is very diverse- a wonderful mixture of Jacksonville’s many cultures. It's song and dance they're after, and by the time Jazzland lets out, everyone’s exhilarated, full of love and wildly happy!


Did I say they call Jazzland "The Place" because you can find everybody whose anybody there on a Saturday night? That's worth repeating! Inside, the patrons are going from table to table greeting friends. A couple of men with very expensive suits stand under the glass chandelier chatting. Leaning on the counter rail, some women in stylish, gleaming dresses are talking away.


Not everyone is rich or prominent. There is a terriffic mix of our beautiful city. You'll find office workers, car salesmen, maids, teachers, social workers, longshoremen, college professors, students and just about everything else! But once you're inside, it doesn't matter who you are or how you dress! They Love You and make you feel oh so special! The stage is black with multi colored lights circling the floor borders. The décor is a regal burgundy and gold with pictures of yesterday’s Jazz stars covering the walls. The music is jumping and it seems like everyone’s swaying.


While Jazzland’s style and décor is reminiscent of the New York Jazz clubs of the 30’s & 40’s… it’s policies are not! Like the days when W.C. Handy, the father of the blues, was turned away from the Cotton Club while his music was blaring away inside; where the stage was lined with cotton bushes and rickety plantation cabins with the bare legs of light-skinned black women kicking high to the sound of pulsating horns. Those days are dead and gone. Today, Jazzland reflects the wonderful cultural blend of a beautifully progressive America. Where musicians and patrons come together, where both are respected and happily joined by the exquisite beauty of ... and love for America's own classical music, Jazz!


Join Us! We Want You To Be One Of Jazzland's Beautiful, Loyal Patrons


Thank You Jacksonville For Your Love And Support And For Choosing Jazzland! We Love You Too!

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The Jazzland Jubilee -  An E-zine Quarterly Jazz Publication - featuring articles and columns by outstanding contributing writers
and other professionals who are experts in the world of jazz. Each month, Jazzland will select and feature a photo and story  about our  
"Patron of the Month" and  "Jazz Artist of the Month" in each issue.  We love to show you off!!!
Our Jazz patrons love to get, and Jazzland loves to give  "tidbits" of information. Moreover, there is a deep appreciation for the authenticity
and integrity of Jazz, and an overwhelming desire to understand the inherent spontaneity, improvisation and originality that makes every
single performance of a jazz tune unique and new. Jazzland's patrons  want to learn new and interesting things
 from credible jazz leaders who understand that.....
                                                                   ......The Music Is The Star!
If you're interested and would like to contribute jazz news items, articles, or other information about Jazz ...or if you would
like to advertise your events, products and services in the Jazzland  Jubilee,  please contact us. The Jazzland Jubilee will also
feature a Musician's Mix and Match section. Here you can find other musicians, buy and sell equipment, parts and services.
                                                                     Thank You For Your Interest and Support

To contribute articles, photos or for advertisments, click here

"THIS IS JAZZ" Jazz Radio At Its Finest with host BOB BEDNAR- Bob Bednar is the producer and host of WJCT"s This Is Jazz! Bob has been loving and listening to jazz his entire life, both as performer and as radio host. Bednar hosted his first jazz  program at Philadelphia’s WRTI and served as a first call drummer in Philadelphia during 50s and ‘60s. Bednar has played with Zoot Sims, Charlie Ventura, Stephane Grappelli, and more.Bednar began hosting This Is Jazz in 1993. He educates and entertains a new generation of jazz lovers on his popular radio program.  2010 Hall of Fame Inductee - Outstanding Jazz Historian & Radio Host at WJCT 89.9 FM - Listen To Great Jazz - Friday at Midnight - Saturday 8-10pm and Sunday   9-11pm                                                




The Jacksonville Jazz Festival Hall Of Fame Inductees at Jazzland

A Special Jazzland Treat For The Florida-Georgia Weekend! "CALVIN NEWBORN"
Brenda Kelly & Dot Wilder         John Shilby & Calvin Newborn         Joyce Johnson  and Friends                              Sleepy Gilliard                      John Shilby Joining In

Calvin Newborn, A Living Legend and Beautiful Musician! Calvin played on B.B. King’s first recordings. Taught Elvis how to dance.  Tore up the Big Apple

back in the day of BeBop, Blues and Jazz! He’s the brother of jazz virtuoso Phineas Newborn! On October 28th & 29th, Calvin returned to Jazzland chronicling

his distinctive mix of Memphis Blues and Jazz. Born and raised in Memphis, in the heart of the city's gutbucket blues scene, Calvin paid his dues on Beale Street

when R&B was king. His impeccable jazz pedigree was honed in New York City recording sessions and in smoky after-hours joints alongside players like Jimmy

Forrest, Hank Crawford, Charles Mingus, and Earl Hines. His consummate sidemen included Donald Brown (Jazz Messengers) and Herman Green (Muddy Waters,

 Ike Turner, Miles Davis).


Curtains Up!  Jazzland Is The Absolute Perfect Venue For Your Fabulous Cabaret Show 
That’s how you'll see the cozy new addition coming soon to our nightspot with an atmosphere of casual elegance.
That’s why so many fine performers will be putting their acts together. Anyone with a good act and a few bucks can have the
perfect venue. Use Jazzland Cabaret to  build fan support and showcase talent. With Cabaret, a team will share the expense
and effort. For decades, Cabaret has been the starting place for aspiring performers and the holding place for established acts. 
Cabaret performances are less pricey while being equally as entertaining. We believe, Jazzland Cabaret Nights will inspire 
new talent by keeping their dreams alive; by helping  the dreams …come true.




Gino Gonzales, Gary Starling & Calvin Newborn
The Youngsters Came To Hear Calvin Newborn
Calvin Newborn with Joyce & Dick Bizot
The "Beautiful" Stewarts

Longineu Parsons Return To Jazzland Was Simply Grand! 






Joe Pellegrino, Carole, Kenny MacKenzie & Scott Mariash

The Jarell Harris Trio
Gino Gonzales, Carole, Doug Carn & Calvin Newborn



Soft & Sentimental Saturday Nights at Jazzland..... 
"Carole Freeman sang her love songs Saturday night! She took her audience down a personal memory lane to meet her first love, her lost love, her forbidden love. Carole
lamented the love she could never have. Even her transfigured love after having lost her husband and first born son! She talked about being stalled for a brief time on an elevator
with the late New York Congressman, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., when she was just eighteen years old. And, how she fell like an anchor into the shine of his beautiful appearance.
The very sight of Congressman Powell, Carole recalled, erased all thoughts of her first love, in an instant! The audience was in stiches as she remembered those five minutes in the
elevator. As the session progressed, Carole led each tune with a poignant  narrative, guiding her listeners through every inch of every kind of love emotion she's ever known, as she captured her memories in song. It was a wonderfully moving night at Jazzland. If you missed it, don't despair. Carole's 2014 schedule will post soon. Keep Watching! 

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Call 240-1009 or email us at info@jazzlandcafe.com 

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Jazzland Is Absolutely Perfect for Private & Corporate Events and Parties

Start Planning Now and Book Early For Best Dates. Call (904) 240-1009 -Reserve Your Special Date!  

Thank You Jacksonville For Your Love And Support And For Choosing Jazzland! We Love You Too!

The Saunders, Grooving at Jazzland



Trumpet Playing 1

1324 University Boulevard North, 

Jacksonville,Florida 32211  Phone: 904.240-1009 




JAZZLAND is Jazz at its finest! Now close enough to touch. You’ll see the astonishing musicians of this original art form …smile, sweat and grimace, in pursuit of that killing phrase. JAZZLAND is everything a jazz club should be. Dim, intimate, intense and hazy, with good acoustics. 

Weekends offer jazz performances each night. A wide variety of Jazz styles and musicians... and all Top Notch! Coming soon will be our Jazz Cabaret Night; Live Every Saturday night, be inspired by outstanding Jazz Musicians! If you're in Jacksonville and you want to experience live jazz played well in a great jazz venue, duck into this sensational, new Jazz Room for some great music. Don’t mind coming alone. JAZZLAND is a super way to meet new and old friends and a cool way to spend an evening! A happy, friendly crowd is waiting to welcome you to JAZZLAND ...where great musicians play!

Jazzland Café Inc

A Florida Corporation

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Consider Jazzland For Your Private Events and Parties! You'll Love Our Rates!

Casual, Elegant, or Extravagant, Jazzland  is the perfect location for your Special Event with over 2,400 sq ft of Unique Private Event Space to accommodate groups of 105 guests. The chic accommodations and historical Jazz setting make Jazzland an ideal choice. When you choose Jazzland to celebrate your event, you can expect the very best.

More Details

Jazzland Jam Sessions

Talented amateurs share Jazzland's spotlight with seasoned professionals in a warm party atmosphere. Newcomers and vocalists are welcome. Tunes can run for a long time, as everyone gets their choruses in, frequently exhausting the rhythm section players and the musicians are so friendly. A great bunch of Jazz lovers. Don't let the amateur status fool you. There are surgeons, college professors and shoe salesmen here who can blow your socks off !! Join us at Jazzland on Jam Session Night.

Check Out Our Jazz Session Policy

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